Restaurant Llafranc


The pure Catalan Cuisine, is a cuisine based on picking food and on leaving something to cook on a low heat, like we Catalans say doing the “xup – xup” which is served from those products collected from the field or directly from the sea; from here a mixture of meat and fish, come these suculent dishes we call “Sea and Mountain” (Mar i Montanya).

This small introduction is precisely the dishes which are served in the Restaurant of the Hotel Llafranch, some of them: Chicken with Lobster or with the famous, “Gambas of Palamós”. We have a tutorial in which we have no problem with fish, at 10 Km, The fish auction of Palamós where we go daily to buy the Fish for the Restaurant. We overall advise you to try our “Black Rice”, made with a base of Onion and Tomatoes: the star dish of our kitchen.

El Pica – Pica of fishermen as a starter, a whole variety of dishes like the anchovies (Our salads) The cod balls, the baby octypuss, Xipirones, Sonsos,Noodles etc…

The desserts are by “Adelita”, mother of the House, and consist of exclusive homemade cakes.

Menú de la Garoinada

The Garoinada is one of the top gastronomic campaigns throughout the surrounding region and one of the best known. Born in 1992 and takes as its main product the sea urchins, also known as sea urchins or sea urchins.

The Garoinada held in the winter shrinkage during January when the sea is calm sea urchins and is at its best.

In this campaign are involved in different Palafrugell restaurants offering a menu that includes a starter of sea urchins, a second plate (different for each edition) and a typical dessert cooking Palafrugell.

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