When the brothers José, Mario and Manuel Bisbe opened the Hotel LLafranch in 1958, the Costa Brava was already recognized in the world as an important and regognized tourist destination.

The popularity and personality of the three brothers was marked from the first moment the trayectory and the character of the establishment, and soon it was converted in a singular singular cosmopolitan place. Each one of them took charge of one side or another of the business, they got on perfectly and in doing so created a very special atmosphere.

In those moments,it can be said that it could be fore-seen that the Hotel Llafranch would come to be more that just a hotel.

The artistic air and excentrism of Manuel Bisbe noticeably took a great part in the resonance of the Party’s that where organized in the summer nights and that, which made themput the name of the Hotel Llafranch in the pages of all the major national and international newspapers, as an actual piece of tourist information of the Costa Brava.

From the moment that Manel was proclaimed Gipsy of the Costa Brava by Carmen Amaya, and coinciding with the goings and comings of famous and popular people from all round the world to this corner of the Empordá, It can be said that it’s famosity was reaching a superior level.

With, Rock Hudson, Sofia Loren, Kirk Douglas or Elisabeth Taylor, up to Juan Manuel Serrat or Antonio Gades, Paco de Lucía, Xavier Cugat and the Chunga, one after the other, went through the Hotel Llafranc leaving their prints and rememberance, consting that the business and work of each day were compatible with the parties and having fun.

The Hotel Llafranc has been able to maintain it’ s familiar style, traditional and perculiar which has always characterized it. On one side, Adelita continues making some of the most excuisit and sensational dishes of the ampurdanesan kitchen, like “El Niu” or desserts of all types: “buñuelos”, “confituras” and home made cackes. all this, takes our time up daily to give a more placid and humain touchto the Kitchen.

From the authentic black rice, that still follows the recipe of Josep Bisbe, up to the most typical sea dishes or the “ancestrals “suquet”, the elaborated products of sea and mountain, Were presented all year on the menu.

It was like one more simbol of identity, that further dignified this establishment. The punctual dates of the season like the “garoinada” of the winter, The unique style and perculiarity which the summer kitchen presented and the cultivating offers of spring, maintain the fuindamental basics to seduce us from day to day.

On another side, a new generation of the family is now at the fron of the business. Since a few years ago, the night life has noticeably reanimated itself and the partys of the Gypsy have left way to the Shows of the Cócktail Rambo who Carlos Bisbe has created and instituted, Converting it in an atraction of the nights.